Get Ripped With Our Swimming Six Pack Workout

Swimming for 30 minutes is just as effective and powerful as sweating for 45 minutes on the treadmill. You can burn up to 600 calories in the pool in 30 minutes because it uses every muscle in your body for movement and concentration. Not everybody is going to be an 8 time Olympic champion like Michael Phelps (nor have 79 inch arm span) but by starting with our swimming six pack workout, you will start to see a difference in weeks.

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Blast the Fat with Swimming Six Pack Workout

Freestyle swimming is a fat incinerator as it gives you a solid cardio workout and kills the calories. To put it in perspective, Michael Phelps is lean but has to eat 8000 calories a day just to keep up. Our Swimming Six Pack workout is based on the freestyle stroke but if you prefer the backstroke or butterfly then that’s fine. Freestyle swimming strengthens your core and expands your body length which will make you swim faster and harder.

Working is out harder in water than outside because it is heavy. So heavy that it is “1000 times denser than air,” confirms Terry Laughlin from swimming organisation Total Immersion and Phelps mentor. The key to working with the density is to keep your body long in the water. Imagine you have you a line running from the top of your head to the end of the pool. With each strong, stretch out your front arm and rotate your body a long the line. Ensure your lower back and abs muscles are engaged so that the power comes from your legs and arms.

Right Angle Arms

Arms are just as powerful as your legs when swimming. To give you that extra propulsion, keep your arm at a right angle and “dig into the water” like your shovelling mud from the ground. Your hands need to be flat and firm. Pull the water over you instead of pushing yourself through the water.

Keep Your Head Down

Freestyle swimming requires you to be tall and streamlined and this means keeping your head down. This will help you torpedo through the water rather than fighting against drag force.

Make Each Breathe Count

Breathing is critical if you want to reach 30 minutes in your swimming six pack workout. Take a full breath quickly when your head is up and exhale fully to 100% lung capacity. As you will become more advanced, you can reach up to 3 strokes before taking a breath. This will reduce neck injury because you are breathing from different sides.

Turn Your Feet into Fins

If you like to kick then you’re gonna like swimming. Seals swim well because they have fins and that’s what you have to do…turn your feet into fins. And this is how you do it. Keep you legs straight but keep your feet loose. This will help when kicking down on the downstroke giving you more power. It will also help you twist down the central line. If you are naturally tight in the legs, then it may be worth buying a some fins so that you get used to the motion.

With the techniques listed in our Swimming Six Pack workout, one of the most crucial points is to keep your strokes to a minimum. Michael Phelps can cross a 25 yard pool in just seven strokes because he needs to conserve energy and drive. We recommend you keeping your strokes below 20 per length. The trick is to glide forward, keeping your legs streamlined. The more streamlined you are, the faster you will go.

Blast the Fat with Swimming Six Pack Workout

These swimming exercises with our swimming six pack workout will help you not only get the body you want but dramatically improve stamina, strength and power as well. Swimming is one of the most powerful sports in the world as it involves your whole body. You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to achieve a swimming six pack but sign up to your local pool today and see a difference in weeks!