Green Your Look Summer Wedding Wear

I’m a New Yorker, a fact that I’m very proud of. But when weekends like this last one roll around, where I take a quick jaunt down to Florida for a wedding, I sometimes wish I were part New Yorker, part tropical environment inhabitant.

That said, the ridiculously gorgeous weather (and equally gorgeous wedding) inspired me to create a few outfits for you that would be absolutely lovely to wear to a summer wedding. Whether you’re attending a casual day wedding or nighttime, formal affair, there’s no reason you can’t find eco-friendly pieces to help you show off your fashionista-ness.

This page will tell you about the three different outfits, all for slightly different weddings, that I hope will inspire you:

Look 1: The Cocktail Wedding

This outfit seems perfect for any affair, really (except maybe black tie). You could wear it to a casual wedding in the afternoon, a cocktail event, or a beach wedding.


Katherine Hamnett, $175, Yooxygen- Made from 100% Organic Silk. This color is freakin’ beautiful but the dress also comes in navy green if you would prefer it.


Vintage Chunky Enamel Necklace, $48, Whimsical Vintage via Etsy – This is such a versatile piece at a great price. You can wear it with any dress, even one with a busy pattern and it will knock the socks off many-a-folk.


Raw Bags Newspaper Clutch, $60, – This is a totally fun, conversation starter that is made from 100% recycled newspaper. I love that from afar it looks like white straw but up close you can see the intricacies of the material.


Stella McCartney Platform Sandals, $490, Yooxygen – Um, gorgeous. Stella only uses alternative materials in her collection including plastics, cork, and vinyl. These are cruelty-free and probably the most beautiful summer shoes you’ll see all season.

Look 2: The Casual Affair

This look is so cute and vintage. It’s really easy to find gorgeous floral vintage dresses and because floral is so hot right now, you’ll still look modern and hip. I love this look for a cocktail wedding or a backyard barbecue. Don’t spill that BBQ sauce on your dress though – that would be tragic.


Vintage Silk Floral Wiggle Dress, $62.99, Croatia Vintage via Etsy – Summer is all about color! You’re free to do what you wish with brights and pastels, but we heart bold patterns like this one. Do it up. Don’t be scared.


Beeby Eco Clutch, £125, Lost Property of London – This is an upcycled eco-clutch made from fair-trade coffee sacks and soft-grain leather. You will be able to transfer this bag from event to event, so it’s worth the investment. We love the natural straw look for the warm seasons. Mmm. Just love it. Moving on.


Sarah Cocktail Ring, $48, Alex and Ani – This vintage bauble is so stunning, but I tend to love massive statement-making jewelry. Can you tell me? With a busy floral dress, you don’t want to go overboard with too many accessories, so one statement piece like this is an awesome idea.


Braided Sky High Sandals, $284, Swedish Hasbeens – These come in myriad colors, but all are hand-made in small, old-style factories with regard to the environment and workers. The natural grain leather is vegetable tanned in an eco-friendly process.

Look 3: The Formal Affair

My last look is for a more formal event like a Saturday night summer wedding. The sleek silhouette of the dress makes it fancier and the dramatic jewelry choice, which doesn’t have to be in cuff form—try a statement necklace or chandelier earrings—makes it appropriate for a ballroom.


Convertible Dress by EcoSkin, $148, – Made with 67% rayon made from bamboo fiber, 28% Tencel, and 5% spandex, this plum dress is eco-friendly and convertible. You can make it a tube top, a halter, and probably play around with it some more. Pwetty!


Goddess of Grape Cuff, $194, Verde Rocks – Drama! This cuff jazzes up your outfit and works really well with a plum color ensemble like this one. It’s made with vintage lace and brass.


Raw Bags Bamboo Cube Clutch, $44, – Made entirely with bamboo, a very eco-friendly material, this clutch is really amazing. It comes in a bunch of colors so check out the other shades. I love it because it looks really expensive and classic, but it’s only 44 big ones.


Emma Elastic Wedge Sandal, $110, Cri de Coeur – Versatility in a nutshell. Cri de Coeur’s shoes are always vegan and always this chic. True story.

Ahh, weddings. Happy times were maybe the most fun part is getting to dress up? Or the celebration of love. Right. That.