HDP lawmakers imprisoned, CHP to follow says MP

CHP Yalova deputy Muharrem Ince talks at his party's group meeting

Opposition People’s Republican Party (CHP) Yalova deputy Muharrem Ince has criticised his party’s vote in favour of the lifting of parliamentary immunity, which led to the imprisonment of People’s Democratic Party (HDP) lawmakers.

In a recent interview with Sozcu daily, Ince said the “tactical mistake” by voting in favour of the bill had led to the arrest and imprisonment of 11 HDP deputies and would result in CHP lawmakers also being imprisoned.

“I voted against the bill. The CHP management made a tactical mistake. How can you vote to lift immunity when there is a ruling party of this sort and when the judiciary has been brought to its knees? Today HDP members are inside. Tomorrow CHP members will be inside too!”

The outspoken CHP figure also criticised Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli on his change of heart and support for the new constitution affording President Erdogan executive powers.

“For someone to make such an about turn on a matter, they need to either have been threatened, made rich, have no principles or another reason we don’t know about,” Ince said.