HDP referendum song banned in Turkey

The governorate of Turkey’s Kurdish majority eastern city of Sirnak has banned the opposition Peoples’ Democracy Party’s (HDP) referendum campaign song for “inciting hate and provoking the public”.

The HDP is campaigning for a ‘no’ vote in the 16 April referendum on constitutional change which proposes the elimination of the prime ministerial office and gives the president sweeping executive powers.

The song, titled ‘Bejin Na’ (‘Say No’ in Kurdish), which was presented by the HDP on 2 March as one of its official campaign songs, was said to be in contravention of the the first three articles of the Turkish constitution.

“The lyrics of the song are in contravention of the first three articles of the constitution of the Turkish Republic. The song incites hate and provokes the public. Therefore, we have banned the use of this song as Turkey, with its state, country and nation, is an indivisible whole and its language is Turkish,” the governorate’s notification read.

The HDP has said that it will appeal against the decision.