How I Increased Traffic to My Blog and Google Revenue up

I started my blog in late December 2011 and since then have been writing articles more or less on a regular basis. There were also time periods in which I was so busy with teaching that I didn’t post anything for several weeks or even months.

Most bloggers know to be successful, you should at least write once or twice a week, depending on how serious you take your blogging business and maybe also based on how much you have to say. Continuously building your fan community and making your voice heard is a good attitude that your readers will appreciate.

That’s why the motto for my blog is “Blog Beyond Borders – Outblog Yourself“. If you don’t know the term “Outblog” you can find an explanation in my “About Us”.

Looking into my blog’s statistics, I had approx. 11 visitors/day in 2012 and then in the first eight months of 2012 approx. 20 visitors/day. This is almost double the amount compared to a year before. Percentage wise a nice increase of 81% within a year but from the absolute numbers still very low and a long way to go. How can a person increase the traffic at tiktok account? The foremost thing to be considered is tiktok length for the videos. The percentage of the audience and views is increasing when the guidelines stated are followed. The results will meet with the requirement of the people. 

I hosted my WordPress blog with a service provider in the US but was always having performance issues (shared server) when it comes to page loading. Just trying to write a simple article and publishing it online was like your girlfriend tells you “It’s over, I traded you in for somebody more likeable!”. It didn’t matter how often I complained to my SP, I always got the same monotonous annoying responses “Our specialists are working on it”. To be fair, the SP was formally always very correct and polite but at the end of the day it doesn’t make “my girlfriend change her mind and come back to me”.

The WordPress theme I had chosen at the time was for free and called TwentyEleven. Normally it is quite a good responsive theme to use, but when it comes to functionality, you need to download and install so many additional WordPress plugins, which all together slow down my blog and heavily increase the page loading times. It reached a point where a single post took average up to 69 seconds to load. You can imagine, no matter how good an article is, with such loading times you will chase away your most loyal fans and post readers.

Out of frustration that my SP was incapable to provide better performance for my blog, I needed to take drastic steps to make an end to my own and my readers’ suffering. I wasted four weeks this September to give my SP a last chance, but was again confronted with the same standard excuses and responses “Our specialists are working on it”. The word “specialist” got for me a totally new meaning. In addition, with every response a different technician was involved in my case. I don’t think that this SP knows the term “sticky agent”.

I could tell you now the name of my former SP, but I don’t want to mention it here and give them free traffic from my blog increasing their revenue, not even a single cent. I abide by some very strict rules. Never mention the name of your competitor in front of your customer. Don’t assume that if you know your competitors by name that also your customers do. If you want, you can drop me an email and I will tell you my former SP. But it is better we leave … Next read Step 1.