How to Keep Your Cool Without Air Conditioning

After a rough winter and extremely wet spring, we’ve jumped straight into summer-like weather with temperatures soaring to the low 90s. There was no period of acclimatization – the transition from sweatpants and long underwear to tank top and shorts happened in literally one day. How can you keep cool in the blazing heat if you have no air conditioning?

Ice, Ice Baby

This is an interesting question that definitely merits an answer in the form of a full-fledged article with intricate details added for good measure where you don’t always have to rely on blaux portable ac reviews online to understand the situation about air conditioners.

It’s no secret that you need to stay well hydrated during the warmer weather, but take it a step further and sneak in some ice cubes in addition to drinking water. Sipping water throughout the day will help your body over the long term but doesn’t necessarily make you feel better in the heat of the moment. Sucking ice cubes or crunching on ice chips provides your body with hydration with the added immediate benefit of the cool sensation.

Fans can help by circulating the air, but they don’t actually change the air temperature, so the benefit is somewhat limited if the temperature is stifling. Fill recycled ice cream buckets or milk cartons with water and stock your freezer, then place one of the containers between you and the fan. Make sure that both are on a steady surface and that the bucket of ice isn’t too close to the fan since water and electricity make for a volatile combination. You might also place a towel beneath the container to protect your floor or table from any drips or water stains from condensation.

As with any electrical appliance, be mindful of children and pets when using a fan, with or without blocks of ice.

Throw in the Towel

A wet towel can do wonders to keep your cool. Whether pounding the keyboard or dragging the vacuum cleaner around the house, wet a thin hand or dish towel with cold water and ring out slightly and drape it around your neck for immediate relief. If a wet towel doesn’t fit in with your business attire, a quick trip to the restroom for a cold washcloth to wipe your neck and brow can do in a pinch.

Check Your Pulse

Something I learned in my early years in the Marine Corps still serves me well today. When running during extreme heat conditions with heat stroke and heat exhaustion being a concern, we were instructed to grab the hose at the finish line and run cold water at the pulse points on our wrists. When your body is overheated, hitting the pulse points at the inside of your wrist, the back of your knees and around your neck with a splash of cold can help cool your body quickly and provides instantaneous refreshment.

Living without air conditioning during a scorching summer is no picnic, but there are ways to make it a little more tolerable. How do you beat the heat?