How to Make a 7-day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Many people find that following a weight loss plan for a week at a time works better for them than setting a long-term goal and mentally confronting weeks, maybe months of deprivation and hunger. To achieve the desired goal, just about anyone will commit to mild sacrifices for seven days and read leptoconnect reviews that offer some really practical tips about weight loss. Here’s how to try this method and see if it works for you.

* Decide on your ideal weight. Consult your doctor or a dietitian if you’re in doubt.

* Calculate your daily calorie requirements to achieve and maintain this weight. Here’s how:

(1). Multiply your ideal weight in pounds by 10 if you’re a woman, by 11 if you’re a man. This is your basic calorie need.

(2) Consider your activity level. Multiply your basic calorie need by 0.2 if you are basically sedentary, by 0.3 if you are slightly active, by 0.4 if you are moderately active and by 0.5 if you are very active, for example, if you work in construction or play a sport daily.

(3) Calculate the calories needed for food digestion and absorption, by adding the answers from (1) and (2) and multiplying the sum by 0.10.

(4) Add the answers from (1), (2), and (3). This is the number of calories you need to eat every day to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

* Plan meals for the next 7 days which stay within the allowable calorie limit. If you plan for four or five small meals spaced evenly throughout the day, you won’t get too hungry in between. Include items you like from each of the food groups: proteins, fruit and veggies, grains, dairy products, and fats and oils. Stick your plan on the fridge door.

* Make a list of foods you’ll need for the next seven days, go to the store and buy them.

* Next morning, weigh yourself and record your weight. Then start DAY ONE of your diet plan.

* Follow the plan for one week, then weigh yourself again at the same time of day. Be proud of the weight loss you have achieved. You have eaten like the slim person you wish to become for one week. Reflect on the experience. It wasn’t too painful, was it?

* What next? You may wish to take a week off, stop altogether, or keep going for another week. The decision is entirely up to you.


Be assured that the first week is the hardest. The stomach actually does shrink to adjust to the new food intake level.

In the second week, you may want to make changes, to drop some foods you didn’t enjoy, and add others for variety. That’s fine as long as you stay within the calorie limit and eat something from each food group every day.

If you’ve decided to continue, attach a new plan to the fridge. Make a new list and go shopping.

Get plenty of rest. Your will power is weaker when you’re tired.

If you want to lose even more quickly, do not reduce the calorie count. Rather, boost your activity level one category at a time. Hunger is the enemy and should be avoided.

Be patient. The weight gain did not happen in a week and you won’t lose it all in a week. The important thing to remember is that you are now eating like a thin person and you will reach your goal, one successful week at a time.