How to Market on Flickr

Flickr is an online photo-sharing community. It’s free to join and works quite similarly to a social networking community. As a member, you can join and create groups. The groups generally represent photos you take or photos you’re interested in.

For example, if you love photos of graffiti then you might join a group that shares the same interests. The process is simple. Join, upload photos and share.

The first step to using Flickr to market your business is to join and read the rules and policies. Register with your website address and use it as your screen name. This ensures that your website is attached to every photo you publish.

But Marketing Is Banned On Flickr?

Note: Flickr prohibits the use of Flickr to promote or market your business. The key then to using Flickr to market your business is to do it indirectly. Blatant advertising will get you kicked off the site. If you plan on using Flickr to market your business, prepare to get involved in the community. Become an active contributor.

Before getting into this venture, do give a read to Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review that is available online if you want to become an active member of Flickr as by creating your own profile, you would have access to the various perks involved in it and get to learn about branding, advertising and marketing in a huge way.

When creating yur profile, use a description of your business to describe who you are and what you do. You can also upload a logo or photo here. It’s recommended that you upload a photo instead of a logo. It helps people connect with you. They’d much rather follow a person than a company.

Now you’re ready to upload photos. Upload photos that relate to your business. Pictures of products, happy clients or even photos of seminars, workshops and conferences work well. Choose photos that relate to you and your business. Use the tags and descriptions to promote the photos. However, don’t “sell” in the descriptions. Instead, simply provide creative and compelling descriptions.

Categorize the photos so they’re easy to find. The category or categories you choose should reflect your business target audience. Once you have a few photos on Flickr, don’t forget to cross-promote. Link to your Flickr profile from your website. Link from your blog, newsletter, social networking, and other marketing tactics you use.

Flickr is particularly effective for marketing your business if you sell a product. Some services also lend themselves quite well to the tactic. For example, if you are a home organizer you can upload before and after photos.