How to Part One is Social Media Finance

Social media and open source sharing of applications has created a much easier way of posting things on-line. You can drive traffic from all over the place. Or you can watch all your environments from the comfort of small windows that integrate Face-book and Twitter.

This has made it easier to contact friends and avoid awaiting pages to load. In this article I will reveal to you some of these new applications.

Firstly what is social media.

Social media are the platforms in which you communicate with on-line people within what has been branded as on-line communities, by a mixture of different sources. This platform for instance is like a newspaper and many of these articles will indeed be contracted out to articles in on-line magazines or local news within the text of the topic.

But since I am not an expert on this I shall refrain from giving you my experience of this. Because basically I have none, although I would say that we should like to improve.

What problems arise during the time of social media.

Well like in the work place or in the home there will always be competition within that environment. Be careful of this kind of behavior though. I say this because as you probably already know within the jungle survival of the fittest is a key component of climbing the ranks within the herd.

However in-order for people to integrate and co-share knowledge in a multi cultural multi tasking semi controlled environment if this mentality is over applied people will just go else where. Why am I saying this well what I am attempting to exemplify is that whether you are in control of a forum or a moderator within a community you cannot allow traditions and rules to be broke.

As we know many people are trying to make money on-line. Some these people are using less salubrious tactics to earn money. For example the recent sprouting up of gambling on-line is keeping many towns here in Britain going. Also here in London many of the girls on web cams are based here in London. I would contest though That not only is this slowing down people’s social progression on-line, but is also affecting the outside community.

So what does it mean to be social.

Well I would say one of the most social things you can do is smile. Now smiling looks cool on your photographs it looks good in avatars and is a way of saying thank you on-line.

There are after-all certain protocols that need to be followed whilst social networking with other like minded people. But you smile at a girl you don’t know on a train and she’s is drunk or busy getting ready to go to night club and socialize it’s difficult. Especially if you do not all drink form the same cup or you are just exchanging glances because you have been placed in a busy box opposite one another.

But a smile can often give of a different meaning. A static smile in a photo is free from neuro linguistic facial readings. neuro linguistics say this is part of what they call cold reading. This both hypnotists and neurolinguistic programmers say Is an important part of mesmerism and is another way of controlling forcibly peoples gaze.

This again is one of the negative sides of social networking especially when there is money involved. People will do anything to bring your attention to there site and in the rush or the frenzy become quite cheeky about the way in which they are demanding you join them in there pursuit of following what a friend on my-space “Vincent” I think called the herd mentality.

So what is the best way to earn money within social networking.

Well there are a few applications that have popped up within the Twitter foundation. These applications are being designed by CEO and SEO legends of social media.

They have utilized the new freedoms and languages available within computer language. One of these platforms which has enabled Java Script to be used from your computer through Facebook and twitter is through the update on Adobe. It’s called Adobe Air. I will expect you will have to use this soon to enable these new applications that are available to make your social media experience one heck of a lot easier.

In summary in this first lesson of how to I have very basically invited you into a free discussion about social networking. For which we all have experience of our experience differs yet are judgments often remain the same. The key to doing well in social media today is following protocols first. Once you have this in place and you can find your way you can become as free as you like but be sure to look out for the new extensions which can make life on-line a lot easier place. Free from phis-hing people, free from any fears about who is behind the photograph or who wrote what on a blog. With all these open source integrations the identity of users is all becoming the same. IP’s of people are like signatures you used to leave in cheque books. And Pay Pal is the new wage packet.