How To Remove Csrss.exe Malware

Are you worried that your computer might be affected by the csrss.exe malware? We got you covered. In this article, we will guide you on the proper detection and removal of the csrss.exe malware. Without further ado, let’s start:

Detecting if your PC is infected by the csrss.exe malware

The original csrss.exe is located on the system32 folder of your computer. It is an integral file to the Windows operating system, and shouldn’t be removed. Doing so will result in a system crash or blue screen since csrss.exe handles the graphical instruction sets that is essential for a Windows PC to run.

Having said that, the file name “csrss.exe” is also a trojan or malware that is registered by antivirus software. There are malwares or malicious programs that are named as csrss.exe that makes it possible for hackers to use your computer system to be able to rob your private information, such as passwords to your account, and financial information stored on your PC like credit card details.

How to determine if the Csrss.exe on your system is a virus

It is possible to confirm if your PC has a csrss.exe malware by checking your task manager. Look at the system processes that are currently running on your computer. If you don’t know how to access the task manager, you can press the Ctrl, Alt, and Del key simultaneously. Additionally, you can right click on the task bar and choose “Task Manager” from the menu that will pop up. Once you are in the task manager, check the running processes. There should only be one csrss.exe process running on your computer. If there are two or more system processes named csrss.exe, one of them is probably malware.

Remove Csrss.exe malware using an antivirus

To make sure csrss.exe is eliminated properly, you should use a reliable antivirus software. You can use Windows Defender for this task, as long as it’s virus definition is updated. Open the antivirus installed on your PC, and click “Scan”. Choose Full Scan if possible, and let the antivirus check and delete all detected malwares.

Remove csrss.exe manually

Did you know that it is also possible to remove csrss.exe virus by yourself? However, you’ll have to do some steps on your computer, which will be described below.

  1. First, make sure that hidden files are visible in your file manager. You can do so by opening a file manager tab, going to the advanced settings, and make sure to check the checkbox that says “Show hidden files and folders”.
  2. Open the search box on File Manager, be sure to search all locations on your computer
  3. Search for “csrss.exe” (without quotes)
  4. Check the results. The legitimate csrss.exe file will be located on “C:\Windows\System32”
  5. Permanently delete all csrss.exe file located on other locations other than the System32 folder on your computer.
  6. Be sure to permanently delete the csrss.exe files. Click “Shift + Del” to permanently delete files, or go to recycle bin and delete them a second time.