How to take care of your kydex holster

Your holster is a sturdy piece of gear. Kydex can tolerate a lot of punishment and yet perform admirably. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of things that could harm your holster in unexpected ways. Kydex holsters are made to accommodate a certain pistol or weapon/accessory combination. It is neither supported or advised that you use a different pistol in it. Using a different handgun that fits “just right” will almost certainly result in a pistol with an incorrectly covered trigger guard, poor retention, or both. These are potentially hazardous circumstances. The tool we utilize to manufacture your holster is heat. Keep in mind that heat might quickly deform your holster. Never try to alter your holster by heating it in the oven. Do not leave it on your windshield or in a glass isolated area where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. On a chilly day, experiments demonstrate that a holster left in its product packaging (clamshell) in direct sunshine can achieve temperatures of over 150 degrees Fahrenheit and distort. Do not wash your holster in water that is hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Never place your holster on a heater, radiator, or other hot surface since it will discolor or deform it. Even if you keep your weapon in the holster, simply heating the holster will cause the Kydex to migrate away from crucial surfaces, potentially rendering the holster useless.

The first thing to remember is that heat might cause your best kydex owb holster to break down. Various customers frequently attempt to modify their holsters by heating them, which can cause your cover to deform. On a sunny day, avoid leaving it in the dashboard to keep it shaded from the sun. Make sure the water temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit before washing it. After regular use, dirt and grit will easily make your holster dirty. When washing it, use a light detergent and wash it in lukewarm water. To avoid rust, make sure to dry it thoroughly. Even if you have the greatest IWB holster for shielf, the cover hardware will loosen over time. Make sure the eyelets and other components are properly tightened on a regular basis. These parts can be re-tightened with common hand tools. To keep your screws from backing out, use a dab of nail polish or threadlocker.

It’s difficult to physically destroy a holster to the point that it’s no longer useable. Extreme wear or wounds on outer surfaces, on the other hand, may cause the Kydex to degrade and break. Kydex provides a variety of advantages over leather or soft synthetics, including the ability to be washed. The most vital point you can do to prevent damage to your pistol’s appearance over time is to wash your holster. Dirt and grit are likely to get myself into your holster when packing your firearm, especially during training. Although Kydex is softer than your pistol’s finish, filth, dust, and sand are not. Fortunately, cleaning your holster is simple. Simply clean the interior and/or outside of it with lukewarm water and a light detergent. After washing, dry thoroughly, paying specific care to any steel hardware that may have rusted.