How to use Instagram AR filters as your marketing strategy?

If you are a regular over Instagram or other latest social media apps, you must have experienced and used the AR or the augmented reality filters. These filters started their journey over Instagram as a fun element. These are some computer-generated effects that can be superimposed on original images clicked in any of your special or casual moments. But with time, it came out that brands looking to make their position stronger in the industry are using social media platforms to reach out to larger audiences and use these AR filters as marketing tools.

Complete guideline to use AR filters as marketing strategies

You can access AR filters straight from the camera option from your Instagram app. You can add the imagery in the background or at the front of the picture or video you are planning to post. You get a lot of options too to choose from, matching the subject of the post. The fun aspect of these filters and the joy it provides make them more useful. 

But advertisers or brand developers find it interesting and not funny only. They made it possible to use these filters effectively for promoting a certain brand and its product or services over Instagram. Any Instagram story viewer can catch the story, get attracted by its filter, and provide attention to the subject, and half of the mission is accomplished for the advertisers. 

The potential benefits and possibilities of these AR filters are quite high from the marketing companies’ perspective specifically. Let’s get to know more about these aspects- 

They started by adding a mustache and animal nose on your face to use different coloured sunglasses to ensure that the story looks attractive or at least unusual. This is working positively for the brands worldwide as famous global brands are using these filters to make their brand name a common household name. 

The most effective and popular filter came some time back and is still hovering in the quiz option. From asking details like who the brand ambassador is to the logo of certain brands, these tricks are working as successful marketing strategies for the brands. Besides quizzes, some brands have also tried games to secure points redeemed when shopping with a particular brand. 

You can enhance your post by bringing virtual subjects and objects, and the story can also become meaningful for the Instagram story viewer. Like a cloud or some famous cartoon or movie characters added with your photo in the perfect context, the target consumers can look at the story and make you recognize the brand. 

The latest AR filters allow you to add pictures of clothes and beauty products like lip balm or eyeliner and t-shirts and skirts among apparel. This works more interestingly for the branded apparel and cosmetics brands. The media planner needs to follow all the latest updates in the app and formulate ideas to make those filters useful in promoting the brand name among the large audience base. 

Instagram is not a social media platform anymore, and it has become a platform for showcasing your talent, reaching out to audiences, promoting brands, and selling goods. So, it is up to the media planners and the marketing experts how you can use Instagram in your favor to get the desired outcome. The use of AR filters in stories is also an addition to these facilities.