How you can break the relationship patterns you are maintaining?

The relationship patterns which you choose play a key role in maintaining a great relationship. It has been found in many cases that even if you are happy as a couple, your relationship patterns can be negative. In the long run it is going to have a negative impact on your relationship. Before, it actually happens, you should surely start changing the same.

Blaming your partner:

If you are a couple then having conflicts sometimes will be a common thing. However, it is also commonly seen that both the partners blame each other for any sort of conflict. By following this pattern you are actually attacking your partner. When you attack someone, the person will become defensive quite naturally. So, rather than going for a discussion, the whole thing turns up to an argument which is not at all healthy. So, rather than directly hitting your partner, you can tell it in a passive way as well. If you want to know more on this you can click here

Hiding your feelings:

Sometimes, for the sake of the relationship you hide your feelings. Initially, it may give you a solution. However, in the long run, it is going to create a negative effect on your relationship. It will be a much better option to open up in a conversation. When you clearly tell your partner about your feelings, it helps him or her understand you better. You will be able to avoid a lot of conflicts and disagreements in future if you follow this pattern. You should always be clear in your communication. 

Expecting solutions from partner:

Often you come up with loads of problem to your partner and expect that he or she is going to resolve them with a magic wand. Often, it doesn’t work. As your expectations are not met you also become disappointed with the whole thing. In such a scenario, it is much better to discuss your problems with your partner and find out a solution together. In certain scenarios, you can take assistance from a professional to solve some of the most critical issues. To have better idea about the relationship patters you may change you can click here

Predicting your partner’s action:

When you are in a relationship for a longer period of time, you become overconfident about predicting your partner’s action in a particular thing. You predict very early about what your partner is going to say on a particular thing. In most of the cases, you want to them to act in the way you want. Now, your partner being an individual may not be able to behave in the same way as you are wanting him or her to behave. Therefore, it will be a much better way to treat your partner as an individual and accept the way he responds to something. 

Mindless fighting:

Sometimes, when you become over possessive about your partner, you start fighting on things which is not at all important or you argue on the matters which are not going to have any sort of effect in future. It is actually of no use. You should avoid all such fighting to keep your relationship healthy. Whenever, you are going to blame your partner, think twice, whether it is at all going to have any effect in your life after five to ten years.