Individual armament increased after coup attempt in Turkey

Turkey’s Hope Foundation has reported the individual armament statistics of 2016. According to the report, violence caused by individual armament increased 7% in 2016.

The Hope Foundation also published ‘Turkey’s individual armament map’ based on officially recorded incidents. As the map indicates, 2,720 individual armament incidents, 2,056 deaths and 1,961 injuries were recorded last year.

78% of cases were caused by firearms (43% with use of long barreled weapons and 35% with the use of guns), 22% of cases were caused by sharp objects.

Individual armament map of Turkey in 2016, Hope Foundation

As the map reveals, most of the violence caused by individual armament took place in Istanbul, Samsun, Adana and Izmir.

The Hope Foundation also reported that there are 20 million weapons in Turkey, meaning an average of one in four people are armed; only 2,5 million weapons are registered. Turkey is ranked 27th in the world index on individual armament.

Commenting on the figures, Hope Foundation executive board member Dr. Ayhan Akcan, said, “People, even the President of the country is of the opinion that individual armament, especially in cases of a military coup, is legitimate. We are against this opinion. People believe they need to be armed to defend themselves. There is a firearm in every other house in Turkey and the statistics are increasing day by day.”