Iran responds to Erdogan claims of ‘Persian nationalism’

The Foreign Ministry of Iran has released a statement in response to remarks made by Turkish President Erdogan in Bahrein yesterday on “Persian nationalism”.

Signed by the spokesperson of the ministry, the statement read, “Among regional leaders, no one more so than Mr. Erdogan is aware of Iran’s constructive role in the region, especially in Iraq.”

Without naming any country in specific, the statement mentioned, “It is concerning that terrorist organisations in the region are being supported directly or indirectly to destabilise neighbouring countries.”

During his visit to Bahrein Turkish President Erdogan yesterday had criticised Iran and said, “Some people want both Iraq and Syria to be divided. There are some that are working hard to divide Iraq. There is a Persian nationalism at work there. And this Persian nationalism is trying to divide the country. We need to block this effort.”

The foreign ministry’s statement directly responded to Erdogan’s claim saying, “Iran’s existence in Iraq is a result of a request from the legitimate government of that country to assist in the fight against terrorist groups that have on many occasions struck Turkey’s heart. Iran’s priority is to establish security and stability in the region. This cannot be possible without first acknowledging who is working for stability and who is supporting the terrorists to create chaos.”