Iranian city protests power cuts and pollution

Air pollution and frequent water and power cut-offs made the people of Ahwaz take to the streets for the third consecutive day.

Protests have erupted in the Iranian city of Ahwaz in the Khuzestan province due to recurring electricity and water cuts and heavy air pollution.

Famous for being a fertile and oil-rich province, it has also earned a reputation for being one of the most polluted areas in the country facing severe desertification. A number of water refineries and power plants in the province were reportedly shut down due to the dust pollution that plagues the southwestern province.

Heavy rainfall and severe haze mixed with airborne dust and pollution particles were reportedly the cause for the cut-offs.

Iran’s Agriculture Minister apologised and the country’s administration and parliament promised to take several measures to resolve the problems.

Ahwaz is home to Iran’s largest Arab community, the Ahwazi, who according to Amnesty International are discriminated against by authorities in the political, social, economic and employment spheres.