Islamic State commander from Germany killed in Tabqah by SDF

Abu Umar al-Almani from Germany joined the jihadist Islamic State group in 2014 after being radicalised during 2013.

An Islamic State (IS) commander from Germany has been killed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near Tabqah dam.

Abu Umar al-Almani, real name Yamin A. Zand was killed in clashes 7km away from the strategic dam alongside three other IS militants, according to Syrian Kurdish Hawar News Agency.

The German citizen from Bonn joined the jihadist organisation in 2014, travelling through Turkey into Syria.

Al-Almani was in the group’s first German language propaganda video alongside Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud and called on sympathisers living in Germany to join the IS. He was also seen killing a prisoner in Palmyra in the video.