Islamic State group abducts 385 people near Kirkuk

Hawija Kirkuk Islamic State
Hawija, Kirkuk

Iraqi news agencies have reported that the Islamic State (IS) group has abducted 385 people fleeing from Hawija district, southwest of Kirkuk on Thursday.

Speaking to Roj News, a commander in the military forces of the Iraqi Army, Sheikh Naeef Ahmed said that IS captured about 300 civilians while they were trying to escape from Hawija.

Online news site Iraqi News also stated that members of the Islamic State group abducted 260 people near Dhibat Village, while moving towards the Maktab Khalid area, southwest of Kirkuk.

It has also been reported that IS captured another 125 people near Haml Village in Hamrin.

According to local sources, IS took the abducted people to the centre of Hawija District.

Hawija District, in addition to the areas of Rashad, Riyad, Abbasi and Zab are still under the control of the Islamic State group.