Italian minister meets Iraq PM al-Abadi and KRG President Barzani

Masoud Barzani and Italy’s Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti met in Erbil.

Italy’s Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad today. Pinotti then travelled Erbil for talks with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Masoud Barzani and Peshmerga and Interior Minister Karim Sinjari, accompagnied by Italian Ambassador to Baghdad, Marco Carnelos, and the Chief of Staff of the Italian Armed Forces, General Claudio Graziano.

1500 Italian military personnel within the framework of Operation “Prima Pathica” under the international co-operation “Inherent Resolve” are currently stationed in Kuwait and Iraq.

The military personnel are employed as instructors to the Iraqi police and military forces in Baghdad and to the Peshmerga military forces of the KRG. Approximately 7,000 Peshmerga are said to have been trained by the Italians.

Iraqi satellite channel Al Somaria reported that Barzani and Pinotti discussed the battle for Mosul, stronghold of the Islamic State in Iraq.