Journalist Deniz Yucel sends ‘solidarity message’ from prison

Journalist Deniz Yucel has been in solitary confinement since 14 February 2017.

Imprisoned German-Turkish journalist and Die Welt correspondent Deniz Yucel has sent a message through his lawyers. A meeting will take place today after that Germany was granted diplomatic access to Yucel. Yucel, who was imprisoned on charges of ‘propaganda for a terrorist organisation’ and ‘inciting hatred and enmity amongst the public’ sent his greetings to the world and his hometown Florsheim and called for solidarity with independent media in Turkey.

Since I’m not allowed to write letters, I’m sending you a message through my lawyers.

There’s an urgent need for the solidarity you have showed up until this day, to me and to other detained colleagues, as long as I am being held alone in a cell and have a letter ban.

I thank you from the heart.

I have a request from you: the first matter concerns Cumhuriyet, Birgun and Evrensel – I subscribed to these newspapers as soon as I was put in prison. I invite all of you to support these or the few remaining other independent media outlets. You don’t have to be living in Turkey to become a subscriber of the online editions of Cumhuriyet, Evrensel or Birgun. With a few euros, you are able to support press freedom in Turkey in a very concrete way even without knowing Turkish.

Yucel ended his message by giving his “temporary address” and saying that even though he wasn’t handed letters sent to him, an illegal practice, it shouldn’t stop people from sending them.

Ilker Deniz Yucel
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