Journalist given prison sentence for painting in Turkey

The painting that, together with a news piece based on the notes of a child, gave Zehra Dogan a 2 years and 10 months long prison sentence.

Journalist and painter Zehra Dogan has been convicted of “making propaganda for a terrorist organisation” for sharing her paintings depicting the period of curfews in Mardin and Nusaybin and turning a 10-year-old child’s notes into an article.

While Zehra Dogan, arrested in Nusaybin 23 July last year, was acquitted from charges of ”being a member of a terrorist organisation” she was convicted for “organisational propaganda.”

In a tweet, Dogan said: “I have been sentenced to 2 years and 10 months after having been asked ‘Why did you draw a picture of raised buildings with Turkish flags.’ Truth is they took the picture, I just turned it into a painting.”

Dogan was editor of women-only Jin News Agency (JINHA) which was closed down on 29 October, 2016 by the Turkish government by statutory decree law (KHK).

The original photography that Zehra Dogan turned into a painting pictures a demolished Nusaybin.