KCK: USA and Russia must end support for Turkey’s anti-Kurdish policies

Cemil Bayik, Co-leader of the KCK

The Co-leader of the Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), Cemil Bayik, said in a recent video message sent to a protest in Strasbourg that the USA and Russia needed to end its support of Turkey’s anti-Kurdish policies. In his message Bayik to the protest against the capture of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, Bayik also said, “all Kurdish parties from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey need to unite and organise a national conference as a matter of urgency”.

Bayik, who criticised international powers for their role in the capture of Abdullah Ocalan 18 years ago, made a call to Russia and the USA saying, “my call to Russia, the USA and the EU is: don’t support Turkey and be accomplices to their crimes.”

The KCK also released a statement to mark the 18th anniversary of the capture of its leader Abdullah Ocalan, referring to it as an ‘international conspiracy’.

“It has been 18 years since the hegemonic powers of the world collaborated and conspired to capture our leader Abdullah Ocalan on 15 February, 1999 and handed him over to the Turkish state,” the KCK recalled in its statement after condemning the “conspiracy with anger and rage”.

In its tribute to its captive leader, the KCK said:

“We salute our leader Abdullah Ocalan in his resistance against the conspiracy and the imprisonment it led to. Despite the destructive conditions of his captivity, he responded with a profound mental revolution. Through the Kurds, he presented the most progressive thoughts and theories of our time to all the peoples, women and oppressed factions of society. The concepts and theories he developed unearthed a new paradigm for a free and democratic life. He responded to the darkest conspiracy of out time, with the greatest defence of our time. The democratic, ecological and women’s liberationist paradigm developed by our leader Abdullah Ocalan under captivity is a paradigm that has the potential to change the destiny of all oppressed peoples in the 21st century. His ideas are being implemented as a new societal system by the Kurds today. It is being transformed into a new understanding of life and resistance. All oppressed peoples, especially the Kurds and women, are being inspired by these developments.”

The KCK analysed what it called “the Turkish state’s genocidal policies towards the Kurds”, and stated, “The colonialist Turkish state is using the captivity of our leader Abdullah Ocalan as a threat against the Kurdish people and our movement. However, the colonialist state is on the brink of falling apart. The coalition of the AKP [Justice and Development Party] and MHP [Nationalist Movement Party] on a racist-nationalist-fundamentalist basis is defining this period as a ‘second national war of independence’. However, this will drag Turkey into chaos. Turkey has no other choice but to solve the Kurdish question and democratise. The fascistic and genocidal policies it has adopted will drag the country to the brink of collapse. However, no one should think the Kurds are imperious and helpless.”

The Kurdish movement finished its statement with a warning. “Turkey is not a country where the rule of law is being applied, it is the rule of Erdogan and the AKP; the rule of fascism. The existing laws have been side-lined, and a law for their interests is being introduced. They have monopolised the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. It has taken the fundamental powers hostage. Turkey has no other choice but to free itself from this captivity by Erdogan and the AKP. It increasingly seems that the only way to do this is for a resounding ‘NO’ to come out of the forthcoming referendum.”