KDP and PKK officials meet to discuss clashes in Shingal

A KDP Peshmerga soldier and PKK guerrilla share a position in Shengal (Sinjar) Mountain, (c)Joey L.

According to Rudaw News Agency officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Kurdistan Workers Party have met to discuss the clashes that erupted in Khanasor, a Yazidi neighbourhood in Shingal on Friday morning.

Peshmerga forces chief of staff Jamal Iminiki and PKK commander in Shingal, Agid Civian, are attending the meeting.

More than two hours of clashes have left at least one dead and several injured, including ANF News Agency journalist Nujiyan Erhan.

Clashes broke out at 06:30 local time when KDP and affiliated Peshmergas trained by Turkish forces tried to enter Khanasor, an area controlled by the local PKK affiliated Yazidi Shingal Resistance Units (YBS) militia.

Opposition MPs in the Kurdistan Region, Salar Mahmud from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Dr Serko Mihemed Emin of the Gorran movement said the clashes only benefit the enemies of the Kurds.