Keep Cool This Summer Without Going Broke!

Air conditioning has changed the way we deal with the hot summer months forever, but look at what it does to our electric bills! Yikes! Keeping cool in summer doesn’t have to cost you tons of money. Here are some keep cool tips to beat the heat this summer without going broke!

Invest in some flip-flops or sandals. Better yet, go barefoot whenever possible to keep cool. I am not suggesting that you go shoeless into public places, but hey, it worked for Britney Spears! When your feet sweat in socks or shoes, the heat created is trapped and will keep your entire body feeling hot. With bare feet, the sweat evaporates and draws heat away from your body. The cooled blood in your feet then flows to the rest of your body. This is a great way to keep cool.

Eat spicy food! Cultures that reside in hotter than average climates eat hot spicy foods for a reason. These guys know how to keep cool! Chile peppers contain a chemical that makes you sweat. Remember the last authentic Mexican cuisine you ate? I know that I break a sweat when I eat anything with hot peppers. The sweat evaporates, your blood cools, and then travels through your entire body just like when your feet are bare.

Turn off some lights! Standard 60 watt light bulbs give off a considerable amount of heat, so switch to 20 watt bulbs to cool your house. Better yet, fluorescent bulbs (the cute squiggly ones) emit 70% less heat than standard bulbs. Not only will you beat the heat, you’ll also lower your electric bill!

Open your windows, remove the curtains, and hang a cold damp sheet on your curtain rod. This is an old tried and true method for keeping cool used in the desert. When summer is at it’s hottest, the air inside your home will be hotter than the air outside. When the cooler outside air is cooled by the water in the damp sheet, your muggy house will keep cool in summer.

Grab some ice! No, not to slip into your friend’s shirt! Fill a large bowl with ice and place it in front of a fan. Your fan will blow the cooled air rising off of the ice instead of hot air around the room. This is probably the cheapest air conditioning available.

This is one alternative that never goes waste where a glass of cold milkshake would cool your insides in this unbearable heat where things are worst and regarding air conditioners do lookup blaux portable ac reviews for one of the best and affordable brands available.

Keeping cool without heating up your wallet is a breeze! Try these tips and beat the heat this summer. Share what you now know about how to keep cool in summer with your friends. When all else fails, you can always use the money you save on your electric bill for a trip to Antarctica! Have a cool summer!