Keep it Simple, and Other Internet Success Principles

I’ve been involved in the world of marketing and networking since 1996, when I became a financial advisor with the Fortune 500 company MetLife. By the end of the year 2000 I was the marketing director for a small b-to-b multimedia marketing firm. Since we were a small company, most of us there wore more than just one professional hat, so I also got to sometimes work on writing storyboards, writing brochure copy, helping to produce the DVDs we made, and even some voice-over work. By 2007 I was working completely online, mostly as a ghost writer for Internet marketing business clients.

Now I get to write, and produce videos for myself. I’ve learned a lot in my time in the worlds of marketing (and selling) and writing. I wanted to share some of this with any of you who are involved with online business or trying to become an Internet marketing success by using media such as writing, blogging, and general creative social media.

Video blogging has helped me out in a tremendous way and I cannot thank social media enough for opening up many opportunities for people like me that were fed up with the boring and monotonous 9 to 5 job with little benefits for the future alongwith James Scholes, a blogger who served as my inspiration.

Keep it simple. If it seems complicated, you’re doing something wrong. This may not apply to Mars Rover robot designers or architectural reconstruction engineers, but if you’re trying to run an online business it shouldn’t be complicated. Leave the coding to the coders if you’re not one yourself. (There’s an aspect of simplicity right there). If it’s complicated, step back and figure out what mistakes you’re making. Then, stop making them.

If you want to make money with an Internet business, stop surfing the Internet trying to learn how to make money with an Internet business. There are too many self-appointed gurus and too much junk (and fraud) involved here. Trust that you will recognize the right ideas and methods when they show up. You probably don’t need to attend webinars or pay for access to “marketing coaching”. An Internet business is merely an offline business writ in digital and made far more portable.

Keep on adapting your business. Be mindful that your business is a creative work. See your business in that light. Do not see yourself as merely the owner who happens to work there. “There” may be your living room or kitchen table, but whatever. Don’t get stuck in that role conceptually.

It’s easy not to get stuck in “that role” conceptually if you change the place where you are working from time to time. You’re an Internet businessman. These days, you can work from just about anywhere.

Know that perfect’s not for real. Perfectionism that gets out of control is a disaster. You can’t be perfect and neither can the way you write, run your business, or whatever else. Accept that. But don’t accept mediocrity. Excellence is real. Having said that, realize that you possess the business. It should not possess you.

Have goals, including short term goals. Don’t wait for the muse to alight or the “aha!” moment to emerge in your mind. Stop worrying yourself to death (there’s that perfectionism again) and just do it. Meet your short term goal.

Discomfort spurs growth. Robert Frost knew that the best way out is usually through. There’s that “pre-dawn darkness” that you have to get through sometimes. When things seem bleak or making you get out of that dreaded “comfort zone”, be mindful of learning as much as you can.

Never compromise your health in the pursuit of money. ‘Nuff said already.

Keep doing more of what is successful for you. Pay attention to what doesn’t work, too. Get rid of it.

Alright. Ponder and apply these principles. Here’s toasting your success!