Knowing the Safe Ways of Curing Tennis Elbow

Different methods of curing tennis elbow are being provided but we must make sure that they’re safe and will not pose negative implications in the future. Tennis elbow is a common injury among racquet players or any other sports participants, manual laborers and among every individual as well. It is a painful condition brought by the presence of inflammation of the tendons on the outside part of the elbow. Sometimes, it is due to either degradation of the tendons or micro-tearing.

These things may result from overexertion of the muscles, repetition of movements, and stress. The pain that it causes may be felt at the bony area on the outer part of your elbow which most of the times radiates down the forearm or while doing simple tasks like gripping, lifting, grasping or twisting. At the very first occurrence of pain, you want to get rid of it immediately. Most would turn to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain right away. But, you should know that the continuous use of these drugs just for a sudden but quick relief will not really cure your tennis elbow. What are the safe ways of curing tennis elbow then? Here are some simple steps that are safe for curing tennis elbow. This is highly recommended at the onset of your injury.

Resting the injured arm is the best way to help it cure but this is oftentimes overlooked by most people. They are not aware of the possible dangers they are putting themselves into when they keep on straining their muscles despite the pain and inflammation. In taking complete rest, refrain from doing any activities that may worsen your condition. One of the safest ways is home remedy for the curing of elbow pain. An icing the painful area is often suggested as a home remedy to get the tennis elbow treated. The pain should not be turned into worse, it should be kept in the mind of the person. 

Natural home remedies are quite convenient, cheap and safe. The use of ice packs or heart packs are very reliable. Ice packs are ideal for acute and chronic injuries. You can use this when the symptoms are starting to show or when you are done with a certain treatment method like stretching or exercise. Heat packs are ideal for chronic injuries and must be applied before doing any activities that may strain the muscles. Ice packs or heat packs can be applied on skin for not more than twenty minutes. T

his will relieve the pain in your elbow. Other home remedies that you may use to relieve the pain are: potato packs, wherein you’ll be using baked and warm potatoes to be applied on the affected area; celery, where celery seeds’ extract is added to a hot cup of water with five to ten drops before each meal; ginger tea, just soak ginger root or add ground ginger to hot water for your to drink with meals, and; willow bark, this contains salicin or salicylic acid that functions as a pain reliever.

Use elbow braces to protect your arm while it is in the healing process and to comfortable move without straining the muscles of the injured elbow. This can help the affected arm rest for the pain to disappear.

When the pain has subsided or when minimal pain can be experienced, you can start doing some exercises that will improve your range of motion, flexibility and muscle strength. Develop a habit of doing some simple stretch before engaging in activities and regular strengthening exercises.

When you just take enough rest, remedy the pain naturally, protect and avoid straining your arms, pain will disappear but the possibility that the injury may develop again is still there. That’s the reason why regular exercise is very important in curing tennis elbow pain safely.