Kom News blocked on Twitter, call for support: statement

Dear Kom News followers, we are under attack.

Similar to other independent news sites reporting on the Middle East, there are attempts to silence us. Due to a systematic attack on Twitter, links from our site are being blocked as unsafe.

Kom News was launched by self-sustaining journalists just over a month ago, in February, with the aim of reporting and shedding light on the important and lesser heard stories from the Middle East.

It seems that in this short space of time, we have already made those trying to silence the truth, uncomfortable.

To lift this ban on the use of our site on Twitter and to support our work, please go to https://support.twitter.com/forms/spam choose I can’t tweet a link because Twitter thinks it’s spam and send them a link from our site www.komnews.org which is prevented from being tweeted.

Please also get your followers to follow our Twitter account to end the censorship being perpetrated by one of the biggest social media platforms at the behest of ‘trolls’ in the pay of those who do not want you to hear the truth.

Kom News Management Team