KRG opposition Gorran says KDP responsible for ‘killing, injuring civilians in Shingal’

Yazidis protest presence of KDP affiliated Rojava Peshmergas in Khanasor, Shingal, 14 March 2017, (c) ANF

The Kurdistan region’s Gorran (Change) Movement said the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is responsible for killing and wounding civilians in Shingal.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Gorran said, “The killing and wounding of peaceful protesters is opposed to democratic values. The KDP is responsible for this.”

“Our people, especially our Yazidi brothers and sisters, need support in a time when they are in a politically sensitive state. However, the KDP is not allowing them to express themselves and protest,” the statement read.

“Yesterday in Khanasor [near Shingal] our Yazidi brothers and sisters carried out a demonstration to raise awareness about their situation. However, armed members of the KDP responded with gunfire, martyring and wounding many protesters,” the statement continued.

“We, as the Gorran Movement in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, condemn all obstacles in front of the freedom to protest. The killing and wounding of protesters is opposed to all democratic values. The KDP is responsible for this.”

“These incidents are dark incidents. These incidents have a negative impact on our people’s rightful cause. No reason can justify infighting among us. All political demands of our Yazidi brothers and sisters must be respected. A national and democratic approach must be adopted towards Shingal and the Yazidis,” the statement concluded.

A protest by the Yazidi community against the deployment of peshmerga forces affiliated to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Khanasor on Tuesday had resulted in the death of at least one civilian and the injury of 10 others.