Kurdish and Ahwazi women activists missing in Iran after police detention

Farzaneh Jalali

Farzaneh Jalali, a Kurdish women’s rights activist from the city of Kermanshah in western Iran, has been missing since being taken into custody by state security forces.

Security forces raided Jalali’s house on 24 February after which no one has been able to contact her.

The women’s rights activist’s family say that Jalali is suffering from a hernia and needs her medication. All efforts made by the family to see Jalali have been denied by the authorities.

Farzaneh Jalali was recently kicked out of Tehran University where she was studying for taking part in student protests and editing the university’s student paper Sabah.

Sepideh Gholian, 22, another student and human rights advocate, from Ahwaz, southwest of Iran, was also arrested on 24 February and transferred to an unknown location.

“Gholian’s family were threatened probably by intelligence agents of the Revolutionary Guards to keep silent and wait for intelligence agents’ call,” a source close to the family said. “She has been arrested, perhaps for her civil activities,” the source added.