Kurdish autonomy unneeded in peace, says Assad

Self-governance issues in Syria must be resolved within the constitutional framework, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Sputnik in an interview, saying there is no reason for Kurdish self-rule once peace is established.

Assad said the lack of stability and government control in certain parts of the country provides local authorities an “excuse for today” to advocate in favour of “self-control.”

“When you have stability and the government taking control of the country, of course there’s no excuse to deal with such a situation unless there’s a constitution that allows a certain area to have its confederation or federation or any other way of governance,” he said.

Assad said Damascus is under the impression that “the vast majority of Syrians never believe in self-governance or confederation or anything.”

“So, regarding what you mentioned, it’s better to wait to discuss the next constitution between the different Syrian shades of our spectrum,” the Syrian leader stressed.