Kurdish female fighters clash with Turkish soldiers in northern Syria

Turkish soldiers on a military operation, (c) AP

Kurdish-dominated Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) fighters clashed with Turkish army forces in northeastern Syria on Monday.

According to reports sporadic clashes broke out near the town of Amude in Hasakah Governorate, where Turkey is building a wall on the border.

Speaking to Syrian agency ARA News, a YPJ officer said, “The Turkish Army on Monday entered the border village of Kharza, located about 10 kilometre west of Amude town. However, a YPJ unit opened fire on the Turkish convoy to prevent its progress.”

“Clashes broke out in the vicinity of Kharza village, where our forces used heavy machine guns to push the Turkish troops back,” the Kurdish officer added.

At least two female fighters were confirmed injured in the clashes which lasted three hours.

Turkish sources have not reported the incident.

Turkish forces also shelled the villages of Maranaaz, Vilat al-Qadi and Sheikh Issa in northwestern Syria after entering the territory last week.

Authorities have condemned Turkey’s incursions into the area as a violation of their sovereignty. However Turkish officials are adamant that they will not allow what they say is a Kurdish entity on their southern border.