Kurdish journalist shot by peshmerga force in Shingal dies

Kurdish journalist Nujiyan Erhan was shot by peshmerga in Shingal on 3 March.

The journalist who was shot by the Rojava Peshmerga force in Yazidi homeland Shingal on 3 March, has died.

Nujiyan Erhan was heavily wounded after being shot in the head while recording clashes between the peshmerga force affiliated to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Yazidi fighters of the Shingal Resistance Units (YBS).

Erhan was placed in intensive care after a successful operation and it was thought she would survive the ordeal.

However the journalist, who had been working in Kurdish media since 2005, succumbed to her wounds at a hospital in Hasakah, Syria on Wednesday night.

Erhan’s cameraman was also injured in the attack.

Witnesses said the female journalist had been targeted on purpose.