Kurds gather in Frankfurt, Turkey condemns German ‘double standard’

Kurds in Germany gathered in the city of Frankfurt today to celebrate Kurdish New Year Newroz and protest against the Turkish government.

According to Reuters, thirty thousand protesters chanted slogans and waved banners of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan with organisers putting the number of people present at sixty thousand.

The event was organised by Kurdish diaspora umbrella organisation NAV-DEM, which Germany’s own intelligence agency says is affiliated to the PKK, officially labelled a terrorist organisation by both Germany and the EU.

Turkey, who has had recent problems with the German government following cancellations of events organised for Turkish ministers in its country, has already condemned the event and the fact that it was allowed to go ahead.

“We strongly condemn the German authorities for allowing the demonstrations by PKK terrorist supporters,” Ibrahim Kalin, Turkish President Erdogan’s spokesman, said in a statement.

Turkey’s foreign ministry has also released a statement. “Germany bans our ministers’ events in its country, but allows for a terrorist organisation to organise an event in which slogans about an upcoming referendum in our country were chanted. This is nothing but double standards. We condemn this insincere approach. Our disturbance has been conveyed to the German ambassador.”