Kurds launch Twitter campaign to put Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard on terror list

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Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps salute Iran's former Supreme Leader Khomeini

Social media users launched a Twitter campaign on Friday demanding that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) be listed as a terrorist organisation.

Hundreds of users, mainly Kurds from Iran, took to the social media platform with #IRGC_Terrorist to share videos and stories of what they said were crimes against humanity and human rights abuses by the IRGC.

The action comes following news that the new US administration is weighing up a proposal that could designate the IRGC, a branch of Iran’s Armed Forces founded after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 to protect the country’s Islamic system, a terrorist organisation.

The campaign was launched by the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (KDP-I), which recently reinitiated an armed struggle against the Iranian government for Kurdish national rights.

Hiwa Bahrami, a spokesperson PDK-I spokesman in Germany, told Syria-based ARA News that they were launching the campaign to push the US to proscribe the IRGC. “The IRGC has been oppressing Kurds in Iran for years. If they are classified as a terrorist organisation, they will be very limited in their activities in the region,” he said.

However CNN reported on Thursday that executive orders asking the US State Department to study the IRGC and Muslim Brotherhood were put on hold after national security agencies expressed concern about the potential consequences.

Relations with the Iraqi government, which is a key ally of Tehran in the region, was listed as a primary concern the report said.