Land, air and water routes to Istanbul held by police in large scale operation

All land, air and water routes in Istanbul have been held by police in two large scale operations named ‘wolf trap 1 and 2’.

The first operation began on the Anatolian side of Istanbul while the second began on the European side. More than 1,000 officers are thought to be taking place in each operation.

Police teams stopped and searched vehicles and passengers, while dogs and detectors were used to find bombs and drugs, according to CNN Turk.

Two suspects carrying unlicensed firearms have been detained in Istanbul’s Tuzla district while another two people of Pakistani origin were taken into custody for using fake IDs.

Special Forces Police teams and helicopters are also participating in the operation, which is expected to last until 15.00 local time.

An official statement hasn’t been made by the Istanbul Police Headquarters or government officials.

However extended footage of the operation seen by Kom News shows many coaches travelling from Turkey’s Kurdish region being stopped and searched, leading to speculation that the operation could be against a possible attack by Kurdish armed groups.