Learn different ways to survive in Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing game to utilize in your spare time. In this game, a player is thrown into a new and different world, where he needs to survive, explore and adapt. It is difficult and very confusing to start the game without prior knowledge of minecraft premium accounts. Therefore, here is a basic guide for beginners to survive the initial day in Minecraft.

Step 1: Generating the world

When a player starts the game, he/she will find few options. A player has to choose an option that is more suitable for him; only then he can continue the game. Usually, there are three modes to start the game which are creative, survival, and hardcore.


In this mode, a player can create anything with the items he gets. If you need any other item, you can click on the selection screen; here, you will find every item you need. In creative mode, a player can easily break or destroy anything with just a single hit without using any tool. The best advantage of this mode is that you cannot die even if you walk through the lava or jump from the building.


In survival mode, a player needs to survive by preventing himself from the attackers. In this mode, a player is thrown into a new world, where he needs to survive to continue. A player must work hard to find the resources that are needed for survival. One can change the difficulty level in this mode according to your need.


The hardcore mode is very similar to survival mode, but you can’t alter the difficulty level of the game like in survival mode. While playing through minecraft premium accounts, you must consider your life as real to survive in the game.

What are the difficulty levels for Survival Mode?


Hostile mobs will cause greater damage. In case if the food meter of a player is running the whole way, then there are more chances of his health to deplete until the player dies. Doors are usually used to prevent the mobs from getting in, but at this level, zombies have the power to break the door and get inside.


Mobs will cause damage to the player. Even if the food meter runs all the way at a normal level, a player still has chances to survive in the game.


 hostile mobs spawn but don’t cause much damage to the player. There are more chances of survival even if the food meter runs out. The great benefit is that the spiders cannot harm you with poison at this level.


as the name suggests, this is the most peaceful and easiest mode ever. However, you will find no monster in this survival mode; but still, you can get hurt and die. There may come several uncertain conditions like trying to walk on lava. It is for sure that your food bar will never deplete due to this reason you cannot eat anything.

The next step is to decide your field of vision (FOV), which shows a range from 70 degrees to 110 degrees. By default, the system shows a field of vision to 70 degrees, and most of the people use this FOV. The player can change this during the game whenever he or she wants.

Time to generate your world

In minecraft premium accounts, you could find yourself on an island surrounded by water, or you could be on a flat desert for miles and found nothing. Thus you need to practice adapting yourself to different surroundings. So be careful about each step. Once you die, you have to start back where you first started the game.