Learn How To Get Minebot To Work On Ios Here Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hey guys! As we all know, Minebot was recently released, and it’s an incredible tool that allows players to build and dig in ways never seen before! If you missed the previous posts about Minebot, then you may want to check it out via the alts.shop!

Unfortunately, Minebot is not yet on iOS devices. It will soon be available on iPhone and iPad, but in the meantime, there is one workaround to get Minebot working on your iOS Minecraft world! Below I’ll go over the things you’ll need!

  • An iOS device with Minecraft
  • An Android device (it doesn’t have to be good!)
  • Minebot for Android

Step 1- What you’ll need to do first is grab your Android device and head to the Google Play store. Once you are in the store, search for Minebot, and download the app available! It is completely free, so you won’t have to pay anything. Now, all you need to do is make sure your WiFi on the Android device is turned on, and then open up the Minebot app.

Step 2- Next, you’ll need to go over to your iPhone or iPad, and open up Minecraft Pocket Edition! Once you’re in MCPE, simply enter a new world, or create a brand new one, and you’ll notice that Minebot will join the world with you! This is because Minebot can connect via WiFi and this connection can be made from Android to iOS! To make sure this works, you’ll need to have WiFi turned on for both of your devices.

Step 3- Now you can use Minebot on iOS! For this tip, you don’t even need to have Minecraft Pocket Edition on your Android device.