‘Liberation of Tabqah close’ says female YPJ commander in Syria

YPJ commander Tolhildan Raman leading the fight against Islamic State in Raqqa.

A commander within the Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room has said the capture of Tabqah from the Islamic State (IS) group is close.

“The women of Tabqah will soon be rescued from the darkness of Daesh [IS] gangs,” YPJ commander Tolhildan Raman told local news agency Hawar (ANHA).

“Tabqah has been completely encircled by SDF. Fighters are 1 km away from the city centre in all directions. Our aim in this battle led by Women’s Protection Units [YPJ] fighters is to be victorious,” the female commander said.

Raman also stated that rescuing women from the IS was the most inspirational and joyous feeling for fighters involved in the battle.

“The liberation of Tabqah is very close. The women need not worry, soon we will save them from the darkness of Daesh gangs.”