Minecraft Guide How to Survive the Night?

The main reason why I am mentioning this method and sharing the link to Minecraft alts shop is so people do not have to wait in the dark and can possibly start working on digging a mine while it is night time outside. This method will work 100 percent of the time I have done this every time I played a new map and I have a severe disadvantage when I start. The severe disadvantage is the fact I lag a lot when I first start out. Anyways I will start with the step by step guide to building a house and getting enough torches for night time.

The first step is to start looking for wood this may or may not take a while to find some. Once you find some start cutting the wood by left-clicking on the wood and holding it down until it becomes a little block of wood. Then pick it up and continue until you have 3 or 4 wood.

The next step you will need to press I or E to open up your inventory, towards the top of your inventory you should see a craft section which is a 2 by 2 square. Grab the wood from your inventory and place it in the crafting section to make 4 wood planks each time you convert 1 wood. The number of planks you should receive will be 12 to 16, grab 2 planks and place 1 on top of the other in the crafting section to make 4 stacks. Then you will need to grab 4 planks and place them in every crafting box, this will create the crafting bench.

The third step is to place the crafting bench down and right-click on it to open the 3 by 3 crafting section. Next place the 1st stick in the lower middle, and the 2nd stick in the middle. Then place a wooden plank in the upper left, upper-middle, and upper right corner of the 3 by 3 crafting section. This will make a wooden pick ax to use for mining.

The fourth step is to find stones to mine for cobblestone. Once you find some mine 10 and head back to your crafting bench and open it. Now place a piece of cobblestone in every section of the 3 by 3 crafting section except the middle section. This will create a furnace and you will need this in a little while.

The fifth step is to go cut about 15 to 20 wood and turn all but 5 pieces of wood into planks. Now place down the furnace and place 1 wood in the bottom section of the furnace and place the other 4 wood pieces on the top section of the furnace. Then wait until you see 1 piece of charcoal appear in the finished product section, grab the charcoal, and place it on the bottom section of the furnace. This will create 3 charcoal and will be used shortly.

The sixth step is to use all but 2 pieces of wooden planks to encase yourself in a square house. I would keep it rather small and have your furnace and workbench inside the house. You can create a door by using the workbench. To make a door you will need to place a wooden plank in the upper left, left middle, lower left, upper-middle, center, and lower middle. Once you have your door you can place it down and build your house around it.

The seventh and final step is to make torches so you can see at night. , so what we do first is to grab 2 planks and make them into 4 sticks. Then we grab the 4 sticks and open the crafting section. , we place the charcoal above the sticks in the crafting section to make torches. , start placing torches around your house both inside and out and you should be good to go for the night.

I would like to note you can tweak this a bit to get for example more wood to make an ax to gather trees faster or make more tools. You also are able to make tools for night time so you can dig down and start looking for coal, iron and maybe a few other resources at night and come out during the day. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this article and have a nice day.