Minecraft skyblock servers updated for this new year!

Players spawn on a floating island on Minecraft Skyblock servers and get a minimal amount of time and resources to proceed. Typically, players should construct a cobblestone generator and some kind of farm to sustain and gain experience their island. For so many years, the Skyblock game mode has stayed one of the most common among Minecrafters. However, through modern and extremely powerful server-side plugins, servers have greatly evolved the game mode. This has caused some of the gameplay features to be seriously cool and new. As such, this article offers some of the biggest and most interesting Minecraft multiplayer servers currently playing.

Earth MC is a geopolitical sandbox, a simulation of our planet’s size, together with many of its key cities. The Towny plugin is used by this server and relies on gameplay dependent on factions. Players will wander the earth and create a small town or shelter on Earth to become a new country. You can enter one which has already been formed if you do not want to build your own country. Huge scale PvP is also featured on this server. Nations may form partnerships or go to war with each other. Players, as they see fit, will build something completely new or rewrite the history.

The most famous Minecraft server on this list by a considerable mile is Hypixel Skyblock. At all points of the day, the Skyblock portion of the Goliath Hypixel platform has tens of thousands of online players. To document and support its popular skyblock game mode, like Technoblade, Nullzee, and TommyInnit, to name a few, Hypixel has also collaborated with several of the largest Minecraft content creators. Hypixel Skyblock is second to none in terms of real gameplay functionality. Concepts are highly progression-based, and by power leveling certain abilities, players are motivated to choose their own routes. 

One of the biggest Minecraft servers available today is Extreme Craft. There are various servers that host a variety of different game types linked to the Extreme Craft network. Classic SMP, Skyblock, Jail, Eggwars, Hide and Seek, and a lot more can be played. The network also has an anarchy server where players can do whatever they want. As well as regular events and tournaments, this network has a huge community that you can enter. A monthly build combat is among the events for players who want to try their luck at mega builds.

Cosmic Sky presents a completely different experience of skyblock than what players might usually be used to. Therefore, it will not fit the tastes of everyone, particularly those striving for a more “classic” interaction. For those trained with general skyblock mechanics, the Cosmic Sky server is ideal while also searching for a fun, thrilling unique adventure. This is due to the implementation inside the server of engaging and non-typical skyblock functions, such as custom island tests, island minions, and even some gambling elements such as flip coin wagers. You can even use minecraft alt to advance in the game.