Missile testing is Iran’s right: foreign ministry spokesperson

Behram Qasimi, Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

The spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Behram Qasimi, has said that Iran has the right to test missiles to preserve the country’s national interests and security and that it is no country’s or international organisation’s prerogative to even give an opinion on the matter.

In his statement Qasimi said, “before I go into the whether the incident is true or not, Iran’s approach to the matter in principle is that it is well within Iran’s right and not contrary to international agreements for it to test ballistic missiles”.

“Iran does not require permission from anyone to defend itself. Although Iran does not accept the limitations put forward by UN resolution 2231, our ballistic missile tests are still in fact in accordance with the resolution,” Qasimi asserted.

Iran’s defence minister, Hossein Dehghan, has today confirmed that his country did test missiles saying, “we will never neglect enhancing our country’s capacity to defend itself nor will we ask for anyone’s permission when doing so”.

Stating that Iran had never attacked another country in modern times, Qasimi went on to claim that, “other countries have attacked Iran and although many of the world’s powers supported these attacks, the people of Iran have always valiantly defended their territorial integrity”.

Referring to the US President Donald Trump’s recent executive order for the extreme vetting of visa applicants from seven Muslim-majority countries which included Iran, Qasimi said, “It seems that there are some people in the USA with political agendas who want to reduce the international uproar against the decision to ban certain people with the appropriate documents to enter their country. They are also trying to rid themselves of the responsibilities of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but resolution 2231 openly forbids anyone to do this.”