Mosul silence in Western press ‘shocking’ as clashes intensify in the city

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the Western media’s silence on the operation for the liberation of Mosul is ‘shocking’, in the ministry’s weekly press briefing on Wednesday.

Zakharova criticised the press for its double standards, supporting her claim by showing the international media’s coverage for Aleppo as an example. “While Aleppo was covered on the front pages, the lack of attention on the suffering faced by civilians in Mosul while the Iraqi army is trying to liberate the city is bizarre,” the spokeswoman said.

“The Western media’s silence on developments in Mosul is shocking,” Zakharova continued.

Meanwhile, Iraqi government forces are continuing their operations in Mosul which is now deep into the western half of the city.

Reuters reported that Iraqi government forces had besieged Islamic State militants around Mosul’s Old City, the mosque from where the group’s leader declared a caliphate nearly three years ago.