My Favorite Exercises For Muscle Gains

A lot of people ask me what exercises I do. They see that I’m a pretty big guy and they hit the gym just as often as I do, so why am I significantly bigger than them? Well, there are a lot of things I do right. I’ve been doing this for quite some time and when you invest in this process over the years you end up learning a lot about how your body works. If you really don’t understand your body, then you can’t properly push it to the limits and you also need to buy TestRX right away as you begin your training regime. That’s something that comes with time, so no one should hold that against himself or herself.

It’s important to note that all my results come from my ability to control my diet. It doesn’t matter what I do in the gym, my diet always determines the outcome. A change in my diet turns me from a fat-burning machine to a muscle-growing beast. Just thought I’d point that out, but I thought it would still be useful here to go through some of the exercises that I consider pretty much my big guns in terms of muscle gain.


Deadlifts are by far my favorite exercise at the gym to do. I don’t exactly like them while I’m doing them, but I love the results that they give me. This is an exercise that is going to really put a huge amount of stress on your body. When you do it, you’re going to be using around 80% of the muscles in your body, so make sure you have a high carbs meal before you come to the gym to do them. Since this is such a significant exercise, I’ll often come to the gym and just do these for the day. They’re tough, but you’ll get amazing results with them.


I remember the first time I learned that I should be doing squats, I often wondered why. I always had big legs, so what exactly was the point of making them bigger. I learned pretty quickly after I started doing them.

Here’s the deal, squats are going to make your legs stronger, but they also have this amazing impact on your entire body. Not only do these exercises help make you grow muscles all over your body, but they also help you produce more testosterone. That’s the vital ingredient for putting on serious mass.

Bench Press

The bench press is about the oldest and most trusted exercise out there to have serious muscle gains. Out of all these great exercises, this is probably the one that the majority of new people will get right. It’s a compound exercise that focuses on those chest muscles. If you want to really get your chest looking like you have some real muscles on you, then this is the exercise you need to start doing.

All these exercises are great because of how powerful they are at overall muscle growth. Most of the other exercises you see people doing at the gym really are insignificant when you compare them to just these three. Make sure these exercises are in your routine and make sure you’re not wasting your energy on those little exercises before you get to these.