NATO is a terrorist organisation: AKP deputy

Turkey is one of NATO's 28 member states. (Wikimedia Commons)

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy Samil Tayyar, also a journalist and author of five books, has made it into the headlines again after calling NATO “a terrorist organisation” in an interview with Milat newspaper.

It is not the first time lawmaker Tayyar has made controversial statements. After the New Year’s attack in Istanbul – that the Islamic State took responsibility for – he tweeted that the CIA was behind the massacre at the Reina nightclub in which 39 people were killed.

The AKP lawmaker also tweeted that the Islamic State, the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and the Gulenist Movement all are connected to the very same central office led by the CIA.

However, deputy Tayyar’s views are not particularly controversial in Turkey. A recent A&G poll published in Turkish daily newspaper Milliyet showed that 76% believe that these organisations are backed by foreign powers. USA is, according to the poll, the largest supporter of terrorism (80.3%), followed by Israel (45.1%), the European Union (34.5%), and Russia (22.9%).

Anti-American sentiments, have been on the rise in Turkey for a while. Only time will tell if things will change with the newly sworn-in President Donald Trump taking office.