Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Carpenter – What Are The Natural Ways?

Prevention is always better than cure. Getting rid of carpenter ant is very difficult. So, if we can prevent them making nests inside our property then, we can save our valuable property, time, and money. Now, I will describe how to prevent carpenter ants from making nest into our home.

Positive Pest management is the effective one with the natural ways. The leaning about the natural ways is the duty of the experts. There is the availability of the best results with the naturally removing of the pest from the homes and other places.

Natural ways of getting rid of carpenter ants are safer than any other chemical techniques. Most of the times those techniques work perfect, and also they are Eco friendly.

Like all other ants, carpenter ants become proactive in summer. At that time they make nest, collect food, and breed. They collect as much food as possible for using in winter. They begin retreating at the very beginning of winter. They dislike cold water. We can prevent them by doing some extra work at summer and also in rainy season.

At that time we can identify their colony and destroy completely. You can destroy their hive by wiping out using any spade and/ or any suitable tool. You should be careful while destroying colony, make sure that you killed the queen. If the queen be able to escape and survive then it will boost the rate of breeding for recovering the loss of worker ants. Then the danger will become more complex.

Another natural way of killing carpenter ant is, by pouring hot and/or cold water into their hive. Make sure all tunnels of the colony are filled with water. They will die altogether by the effect of hot and/or cold water.

You can block all the entrance of carpenter ants into your property. If they be unable to enter into your house then, they will try to find out another place for food and habitat.

You can prevent carpenter ant’s infestation by removing rotten and moist woods from your house. They love to make tunnels for their nests into rotten woods.

Carpenter ants like sweet and protein as food. Those products which contain sweet and protein attract carpenter ants. You should keep your kitchen neat and clean. Not only kitchen but also all suitable places of our houses.

After doing all those things, if still you have carpenter ant problem, then you should follow these natural ways of getting rid of carpenter ants .

You can make a solution using boric acid , sugar and water. Carpenter ants like sugar which will attract them, and then die by eating boric acid. You may also use 1:10 mixture of boric acid and sugar. This mixture will help you killing all carpenter ants of the colony at a time. Worker ants will carry the mixture to the nest and eat altogether and die.

Carpenter ants hate strong scents of bleach and ammonia. You can spray those type of products on the infested areas. They use scent trail for communicating with each other. So, this process will be hampered for using additional scents.