‘New ISIS being formed in Idlib near Turkish border’

FSA soldiers observe heavy fighting on a neighbouring hilltop [Photo: Executive/Sam Tarling]

American journalist Theo Padnos has told Russia Today that a second ISIS is being formed in the Syrian city of Idlib near the Turkish border and that opposition groups defeated in Aleppo, Homs and Damascus were to join the new formation.

Padnos, who was held hostage in Syria by Jabhat Fataeh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) between 2012-2014, said that “the portrayal of the Syrian crisis in the Western media is inadequate and prejudicial. Many of the news coming out of Aleppo is false or unverified. The birth of a second ISIS in the region is being turned a blind eye to.”

“As long as other states around the world continue to send these groups missiles, these groups will continue to exist,” the journalist warned.

When asked how “concerning the emergence of this second ISIS” was, Padnos said, “we will know when they turn up in Paris or London with Kalashnikovs.”

“All the rebels from the different areas have been shipped up to this north-western corner of Syria, around Idlib. That entire province is governing itself with Sharia law which involves shooting people on the street,” Padnos claimed.