No EU visa free travel for Turkish citizens, says commissioner Hahn

“The authoritarian course Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is taking and the planned constitutional changes towards a presidential system are a departure from Europe,” Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for enlargement negotiations has warned.

“The prospect of Turkey joining the EU is becoming more and more unrealistic,” added Hahn in an interview published in Bild Newspaper on Monday.

The commissioner said that he sees no chance for the introduction of visa free travel for Turkish citizens to EU countries as long as Turkey refuses to comply with essential criteria such as changing its anti-terror laws, widely used to silence opposition to the government.

The enlargement commissioner did not rule out the possibility for EU countries discussing a possible break-up of the accession negotiations with Ankara.

Hahn also rejected the Nazi comparisons made by Turkish officials against EU countries such as Germany and the Netherlands.