‘We are no longer Europe’s ally’, says Turkish Interior minister

“Turkey is no longer Europe’s ally”, said the country’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu at a panel discussion entitled ‘State Governance in the Turkish Islamic Tradition’.

“They have used terror as a tool and separated people along confessional and racial lines. They have abandoned all democratic procedures for political gains,” Soylu said about Europe.

“The friction we are experiencing with Europe is due to Turkey’s objection to a role, and an effort to make the world understand its new position. Turkey is no longer their satellite and ally,” the minister of interior said.

Tensions have been rising since several European countries prohibited members of the Turkish government to organise meetings in Europe to ask for a ‘yes’ vote in the approaching referendum with Turkish president Erdogan claiming the measures were “reminiscent of Nazi times”.

Relations between Turkey on the one hand and Germany and the Netherlands on the other had seriously deteriorated after some ministers had tried to meet with Turkish citizens abroad despite the home countries’ warnings that they would not allow the meetings to take place.