NYC high school students walk out of class to protest Trump travel ban

New York City high school students demonstrate against President Donald Trump's immigration and education policies after walking out of classes in lower Manhattan, New York, February 7, 2017, (c) Reuters

Hundreds of students have walked out of classes in New York City to protest US President Donald Trump’s visa ban on refugees and immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Students from several schools gathered at a rally in Manhattan’s Foley Square to demonstrate the executive order, which has since been blocked by a federal judge.

Students, including 17 year-old Yacine Fall, took the stage to make their feelings known to the crowd.

“Never in my 17 young years have I felt as black as I did the day Trump became our President. Never in those 17 years have I felt as much Islamophobia, discrimination and hate as I did in the last three months. After I cried, I felt more determined than ever not to be silent,” Fall said.

Youssef Abdelzaher, 17, said it would fall to young people to resist the Trump administration.

“It was the youth who walked out during the civil rights movement. It was the youth who tore at the Berlin wall with their bare hands. It was the youth who stood in front of tanks at Tiananmen Square,” he said.

Students then walked to the federal immigration office.