OSCE director calls for recount of Turkey referendum vote

The Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Michael Georg Link, has said a recount of the votes in Turkey’s referendum will strengthen confidence in the legitimacy of the vote.

A recount “would certainly increase the weakened confidence in the electoral process,” Link told German daily Heilbronner Stimme on Thursday.

The Turkish government and President Erdogan criticised a preliminary report by the OSCE, saying it was “biased.”

The report by the OSCE said a lack of equal opportunities, one-sided media coverage and limitations on fundamental freedoms had created an unlevel playing field.

Link said he regretted that the Turkish government had not respected the reported and added, “If President Erdogan does not show himself willing to cooperate, the political situation in Turkey will continue to intensify.”

Claims that some 2.5 million ineligible votes were cast in the referendum has overshadowed a marginal victory by the ‘yes’ camp, giving Erdogan sweeping presidential powers.

Thousands of people have been protesting since the night of the referendum demanding the annulment of the referendum.